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Your days will be packed full!  We start the drivers meeting each day at 6:45 and we won't end the festivities until well into the evening each day.  You will arrive on Thursday for registration and to be sure you and your car are ready to go Friday morning. Friday and Saturday will be full days with 5 open lapping sessions.  NEW in 2024 ..Advanced and VRL drivers only: Thursday is a practice day.  Arrive early and have one extra day on track to refine your driving prior to the start of timed laps on Friday! 


The track time is typically divided so that drivers of similar capabilities are on the tack at the same time.  We call these "groups" of drivers.  You will be assigned to a group based on what you tell us about your driving experience.

Before you go on the track, every driver will have to go through a tech inspection to make certain that your car and your safety equipment is in track-worthy condition. You will receive a tech form once you have registered for the event. 


The experienced drivers will be allowed to hit the track following the drivers meeting, but if you don't have any experience, that is just fine, as you will be in the group with the instructors.  You will have some extra time in the Guardrail Club with the instructors before you hop in your car.  Then, you will receive individual, in-car, on the track instruction to get you comfortable piloting your Viper around the track.  Once you and the instructor are confident in your abilities, you will be going solo.

Women's Event
.....just for the ladies

The women will enjoy beverages and fun for a couple of hours on Friday evening. More details to come for 2024!

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