The owner/partners of MPH made a huge investment in the future of road racing in central Nebraska with the October 2021 repaving project. The entire 2.15-mile, 13-turn road course, along with pit entrance, pit road and pit exit have all been completely repaved with a high-tech polymer asphalt. 


Before the old (original) pavement was torn up, the crew from Werner Construction came in and repaired the cracks in the old surface. Once these deep cracks were cut and repaired, the old driving surface was then milled (ground off) and replaced with an asphalt mix developed specifically for MPH. The result is a silky-smooth driving surface with a much tighter composition of aggregate, oil and a polymer that adds flexibility and durability to the finished surface. 


One look at the new surface shows just how small the aggregate when compared to the old surface. The result is a much smoother track that will result in significantly less tire wear with no loose stones to damage windshields or painted surfaces on our track cars. We KNOW everyone who drives the new surface will love it - and we can't wait to see all of our Viper friends in June 2022!




Motorsport Park's road course is 2.15 miles long and the top Viper drivers average over 85 mph through the course of one lap.  Try doing that on the highway and then factor in the 13 turns you have to make at the track! 


The top speeds through portions of the track will go over 120 mph. 

Not to worry if you are a novice driver as we will pair you up in a group with drivers of similar skills.  You will even have an instructor to teach you the ropes.  When both you and the instructor are comfortable, you will be free to search out both the Viper's and your own limits.  If you are a seasoned driver, feel free to push yourself and your car right out of the gate!


One of our 2014 drivers has said, "I thought the track was a great facility and that was more than confirmed when I went back to my home track and realized how excellent MPH really is in comparison."

The track groundbreaking ceremony was held in 2006, the inaugural race weekend in August of 2006 and the first full time track season started in 2007. 


The track has 13 turns.  Some high speed, some quite technical, and some faster than you think.

ALAN WILSON -  Track Designer
Alan Wilson is an Internationally recognized race facility designer and development consultant, who has designed and built 28 race tracks and consulted or designed several others that have been proposed for development.

Experienced in both European and North American spheres of racing, he is one of very few managers to have operated major international events for World Championship Formula One, World Superbike and World Endurance Sports Cars, and for Indy Cars, ALMS, Grand-American, NASCAR, IMSA GTP, SCCA Trans-Am and for International Motorcycle races. He was on the Board of Directors of England's largest track operating company and has operated major events both as facility and event CEO, has been the Race Director of international and national racing series' and was the Chief Steward for a major North American single seater championship. He is a Safety Consultant and Track Safety Inspector for the Sports Car Club of America and sat on the Board of Directors for SCCA Pro-Racing. He was CEO/General Manager for the world renowned Miller Motorsports Park.
With extensive experience gained at more than 175 race tracks in 16 countries over a period of 40 years, Alan Wilson brings a unique perspective to the business of motor sport at all levels of the industry. His innovative and cost effective designs, safety development programs and management skills along with his creativity and experience in developing events, race series, corporate programs and promotional opportunities have contributed to the success of many racing programs world-wide.
Condos - Garages - Parking Shed - Clubhouse - RV Hookups
Contact Jeff Lacina to Reserve

Not only is it a top of the line driving facility, but the track also boasts about a dozen track garages/condos.  These aren't your typical garages.  The garage part is specifically built for the cars, but the condo is your home away from home.  Actually, they are probably nicer than your home.  A handful of the garages/condos are available for rent during the Viper Rendezvous weekend.


If you want to book a garage/condo for the weekend.  You had better make your call early as there are only a limited number available for rentals. 

Viper Rendezvous, Furstenau Financial and LPL Financial are not affiliated.

There are 16 spots available under the Race Port Hay Barn. Each spot measures 12' x 24' and has 20AMP service available. Spots 1-8 are located on the South, while spots 9-16 are on the North. Rental is $150 per spot.


The newest addition to Motorsport Park, this enclosure offers convenient, private storage for your Viper while attending Viper Rendezvous. Prices start at $300 for the race weekend. 

Long-term rentals are also available - Contact George Anderson for more information (402) 461-8031

When you need a break from the on track activities, you can take a rest in the air conditioned club house.  It is affectionately called the Guardrail Club.  It includes seating for all of the drivers meetings, tables for dining during lunch breaks, a full bar, pool table and foosball table.  The ceiling to floor windows allow a great view of the action on track and if you need to be just a little closer to the action, just step out the door to the patio.  Grab a cool drink and watch the Vipers finish turn 13 and head down the front stretch.

Need an RV spot? MPH has 20/30/50AMP electrical service available.

RV Spots 1 - 12

Next to the HayBarn

$20 -$80

RV Spots 13 - 20

Private - Good for Kids

$20 - $80

RV Spots 21 - 30

Just behind the hotpit fence

$75 - $125