All the details and contact information you will need for your weekend at the track.

Motorsport Park Hastings
427 South Showboat Blvd
Jeff Lacina - Track Manager

Contact Jeff at MPH for any track and technical questions.

Furstenau Financial
318 W 11th St, Neligh, NE
(402) 887-4302
Ryan Furstenau - Registered Principal

Contact Ryan or Elle for any registration, schedule, or banquet questions.

Viper Rendezvous has rooms blocked for the event. Just call one of these hotels and ask to book a room under the Viper Rendezvous block.
You must do this prior to May 31st. 


My Place 
200 East 31st St
(402) 303-6060


Holiday Inn Express
3605 Cimarron Plaza
(402) 463-8858


Track App

Race Monitor


Race Monitor gives racers and spectators alike, the ability to view live timing from hundreds of races and tracks around the world over the internet, or you can view live timing directly from a MyLaps, Westhold, or MotoSponder timing system via the RMonitor protocol.

Track Photos
We have a dedicated Viper Rendezvous account for Shutterfly where you can view and order prints.
1. How many cars and drivers are in attendance?

In the last 2 years, our attendance has been around 50 cars and about 100 people. Participants have come from 13 different states and 2 countries to attend Viper Rendezvous!

2. Can I have passengers in the car?

Passengers are only allowed for parade laps. There is a designated time each day for parade laps where drivers are not at full speed. This ensures the safety of all of our guests and drivers.

3. How are drivers grouped?

Drivers are grouped by skill level. Drivers with instructors are in a separate group.

4. Can I participate if I'm a beginner?

Absolutely! Motorsport Park has driving instructors to help you on the track. Call George for more information on track school.

5. What should I wear?

For your attire, we ask you wear a long-sleeved cotton shirt and long cotton pants, and flat sole leather shoes. 

For your driving gear, you will need a SA2010 helmet or newer. See 2016 Tech Inspection

6. Is the instructor with me all weekend? (This applies to drivers who sign up for School)

The instructor will ride with you until you have been cleared to drive solo.

7. What is available for food and drinks at the track?

There are 4 catered meals over the weekend - Friday lunch. Friday evening BBQ, Saturday lunch, and Saturday evening banquet. These are included in the price of each driver package. Additional meal packages (Guest Registration) can be purchased through MPH.